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Hi, I'm Daimon Sweeney,
Creator of NeuroMastery®.

NeuroMastery® is a powerful way of creating personal change toward freedom from limiting patterns.

It is based on three elements:

1) Recently discovered breakthroughs in neuroscience (memory reconsolidation, a specific aspect of neuroplasticity). 

2) Original insights into evolutionary psychology, which have led to my Settings Model, which explains why we are as we are and why change  is normally difficult.

3) Specific methods, taking a few minutes each, the use these understandings to neutralize existing unwanted reaction patterns, then reconfigure the neural  resources to serve one's well-being more effectively.

Anyone can learn and use the tools for themselves, and I am putting together programs  addressing specific areas of life, such as Fearless Communicator and Removing Relationship Plaque.

I am currently looking for 100 people to use a new program called Fearless Communicator, at no charge, in exchange for participation in the membership group, feedback on how to improve it and honest testimonials of the results it produces.

The ideal person will use communication as a fundamental part of their profession, such as executives, speakers, performers, teachers and sales. To apply, please send an email describing your interest and background (briefly).

The NeuroMastery ® methods and concepts include The Settings Model (TM), Meridian Mindfulness Meditation (TM), the Quiet Mind (TM) meditation, NeuroRewrite (TM), and others.

Learning these in NeuroMastery® programs includes permission to use them for oneself and immediate friends and family on an unpaid basis. Professionals interested in learning NeuroMastery® for use with clients can be in touch as I will be offering a certification program. 

My personal history forced me to examine life afresh, like a person newly landed from another planet. I could walk and talk and not get arrested (mostly), but otherwise knew nothing about how things worked. 

After decades of ​studying how people worked (starting with myself) and of exploring many paths and methods, I have come to some  breakthroughs in understanding and methods.

So I examined the obvious and questioned the unquestionable. I learned. Based on that learning and observation I went further, discovering powerful, not-so-obvious things about how humans operate, as individuals and with others. Those discoveries have been the foundation for creating deeply effective, powerful, yet user-friendly tools anyone can use to create very positive changes for themselves. 

My work is about discovering more of these "obvious" things and putting them into forms anyone can use.

Just to give you the names, some of the tools I've created include Meridian Mindfulness Meditation,  Plain and Fancy Opposites, Neural Reassignment​, Neural Remapping, and others. 

Concepts include the insight that we as humans are hardwired to create settings, the way a thermostat or a sound board has settings, that then run our lives on automatic unless changed. With the explanation of why we are wired this way, which comes from evolutionary psychology, and of why they are so often so hard to change,I call this the Settings Model (tm) and it explains much. 

My History

I started so far out in left field in some ways that I had to devote huge time and effort to what others take for granted. Really obvious stuff.

I had to go deeper and examine things others pass over, like how my mind works. My aim was to get out of confusion and emotional pain that had put me into an emotionally frozen condition until my late teens.

I could walk and talk and apparently seemed normal, but inside I was so lost I didn't know I was lost, if that makes sense.

I lived on autopilot, shut down and in shock from infancy and childhood experiences.

When I started becoming conscious I experienced all that pain. The choice was to leave or find ways to get through it, and I seriously considered the first option.

At times there has been guidance in my life. That was one of those times. At a critical moment in considering my exit, as I shifted from "whether to do it" to "how to do it" a voice spoke to me with one word, spoken with such authority that I, who was questioning everything, did not question it. The word was "No." So I stayed.

My aim in life was not a good career, marriage and kids, success or any of the usual goals. Those were beyond me. Not even happiness.

More precisely, I actually didn't realize those were goals people had. I didn't even know what happiness was. That's how far out I was. I know. It's hard to imagine.

I was totally focused on finding a meaning for existing and on dealing with the depression and occasional anger that were my daily experience, sometimes to a paralyzing degree.

Skip several decades to now. I have found ways to overcome those things in myself and have gone far beyond those issues.

I've found good ways to create change and have made them better. Radically better in some cases.

I've gotten so good at this that some have suggested I call myself "The Get Over It Guy," because getting over "it," whatever it was, was what I did and is what a lot of people want.

I can and do help people get over various specific obstacles to their happiness and success. I use the very tools (much more evolved now) that I first developed for myself, which I then discovered work just as well for individuals, for groups, and even through video.

I've developed programs for specific issues that produce remarkably fast and effective results. You can see them (there's a growing list) here (to be added).

But I don't call myself "The Get Over It Guy" because there's something deeper and more important going on. While mucking about in the foundations of consciousness I found that we are all off track, through nobody's fault, really.

Why? Because there are patterns built into us humans as a result of our evolutionary history. They served us well in the past but now things are different in two ways, one not so good, and one that is very hopeful. 

With the invention of civilization we changed our social and psychological environments in ways our evolution never prepared us for.  

Pervasive and massive inequality, gender and racial domination, including slavery, widespread trauma from organized warfare, famines, plagues, public torture and executions, and so on, combined with our hardwired programming to assimilate, embody and pass on what we learn, has created a worldwide tsunami of trauma rolling down on us through the centuries and millennia. 

On the positive side, new neuroscience discoveries and methods, including ones I've created, let us free ourselves of our unconscious programming. That, as I said, progressively frees our deeper nature, our Authentic Self as I call it.

Also on the positive side, the discovery of practical tools of collective intelligence dramatically improves our ability to self-organize in ways that promote the collective good, as well as benefiting individual organizations adopting these methods. 

Now we have ways of understanding and deconstructing the patterns we each have, and that we collectively create and maintain. As that happens we can replace them or allow the emergence of new and more conscious, beneficial, intelligent ways of being.

In doing this we take charge of our own destinies. In doing this we become able to create the life we would like to have, and, together, the world we would like to have. 

That is my work now. 

My mission in life, which came to me when I was 18, is to help humanity through this awkward phase.

At the time I had no idea what that meant or how I could possibly do it. Now, though, I can share methods that truly work.

I've been influenced by many individuals and approaches. Some of them include: 

My family, school, and other early sources of trauma: I learned I was isolated and on my own, that adults lie and are not there when you need them, and that authority and institutions deserve no respect. I learned that life is unendurably painful. I went into emotional deep freeze for nearly two decades, which meant I did not absorb the usual socialization. Yet my mind was able to think. The lack of socialization and freedom in the mental realm, however unintentionally given, was the gift. 

College: One college I went to provided a lot of time to pursue my personal koan, which I did essentially day and night for more than a year. It was, "How do you decide what to do next?" I discovered that all logical systems start from arbitrary premises and their outcomes can be predicted if you know the premises. Therefore logic cannot provide answers to essentially spiritual questions. Giving up on logic, the only thing I knew and trusted, led me to the critical moment mentioned above when I came closest to actually killing myself.

Immediately following that was my "mosquito enlightenment." My mind was completely empty for the first time ever. I had exhausted it through seeking possible reasons for a meaning to life for the previous year, going over the logical chains of thought thousands of times, looking for a loophole. At that moment I had finally given up, which led to the intention of suicide and the intervention of the "No." 

So I was just sitting there, on the low white brick wall around the courtyard, with its geometrically arranged palm trees, each in its square of grass defined by a row of the same white bricks. The rest of the courtyard was paved with brick-colored Italian tiles, hot in the summer to bare feet until they toughened up, with the cooler white bricks providing respite as needed in the process. I was looking out from the courtyard, across a grassy field, with absolutely nothing going on.

It was Florida and the evening mosquitos came out. One landed on my right forearm and I simply watched it. It tested a couple of spots, then tilted up to penetrate my skin. I continued to watch as my body got up and went inside where there were no mosquitos. 

That was my moment of insight: There is a wisdom to life, and I knew nothing of it. A new door had opened.

It was also at that college where I learned I could affect my consciousness. I spent a great deal of time observing my own inner processes on the unconscious but correct assumption that understanding them was important. At a particular moment I was about to slide into another deep pit of depression when someone invited me to play a game of pick-up volleyball. I said no. After all, I was busy getting depressed.

Then I realized that if I thought the thought that was coming up next I would slide into that pit and stay there for days, weeks, even months. I decided to see what would happen if I made a different choice. I joined the volleyball game and indeed, I didn't get depressed. Not right then, anyway. So I learned that my choices and actions could change my consciousness. That was the first time, and I've built my life on that discovery. 

Zen Buddhism: My mind always had a special cubbyhole for anything related to Zen, before I even knew what it was. After leaving that college I was at the Rochester Zen Center for about 18 months at the age of 20-21. The hundreds of hours of sitting meditation laid a foundation of mindful awareness that has served me well. If there are past lives then I imagine I was a Buddhist. 

The Farm: I lived on the main Farm, founded by Stephen Gaskin, in Summertown Tennessee, where I drove a tractor on the Farm Crew and learned the eclectic and effective approach to spirituality and life taught and practiced there. It was essentially relating consciously through learning to observe and make choices about how to use the flow of life energy we are gifted with. I learned there is an up and a down to life, and that there are ways to navigate, as well as specific tools with which to do that.

Just prior to that I helped start a short-lived sister farm in West Virginia. We all moved to Tennessee when space opened up there as we could not find a suitable place to buy in West Virginia. With a dozen to 20-some people as it grew, I saw up close the group effects of working deliberate with consciousness and energy. Among other things, I found that by upping my own level of honesty and clarity, holding myself to a higher standard in the practice we were following, that I could create a wave of higher awareness that would rebound back to me in two days. Interesting.

I'll fill this out later but more influences were a training in Chicago in how to become an encounter group leader, meeting Eugene Gendlin, creator of Focusing, being in the Sufi Order of the West for several years, starting my own 7-figure business, the emotional turmoil the eventually resulted, and my subsequent study of Nonviolent Communication for some years in an attempt to understand what happened. I began studying and using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) at that time (2000) and the inklings of how natural collective intelligence works and how civilization subverts the process appeared. After 10 years of using EFT I found what I considered its limits and began asking deeper questions, which lead to insights about evolutionary psychology, reframing what can be addressed, and the creation of the new tools I now teach.

Now I have honed what I do and am creating ways for more people to access it. My work continues to evolve, of course, as do I, and for that matter, so do those who work with me. 

If you're interested in my classes, workshops or in working personally or with your group or organization (or of course, just talking about possibilities) please connect. This site is so new it doesn't have a contact form so call me at 360-441-1195. That's my cel phone so daytimes, please, Pacific time. Or email "contactme (at) daimonsweeney.com" 

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