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Together we can help each other and the world. I'm Daimon Sweeney, the creator of NeuroMastery®. I create programs that change people's lives, rapidly, easily and in a lasting way. The two programs currently available for affiliate or joint venture promotion are called Get Over Relationship Pain Now and Fearless Communicator.

Each is described below, along with the affiliate program.


NeuroMastery® developed out of many years of personal research. It incorporates neuroscience, meridian "tapping" and insights into how evolutionary psychology shapes our lives today, including how and why unwanted patterns form and persist. The combination allows a deep level of change to happen quickly and easily. 

The short version is that pretty much everything that makes us individuals is embodied in neural networks. That includes all our thoughts, memories, feelings, habits, everything we know, our fears, many of our desires and our limits, among other things. I put all that together and call it our constructed reality, because while we experience it as real, it is actually our personal (mostly unconscious) construction.

Based on that, if we could change neural networks that embody fears, limits and so on, we could change how we experience ourselves and how we are in the world.

Very fortunately, recent neuroscience discoveries in memory reconsolidation show the exact steps needed to change neural networks. I share that knowledge in my programs and have incorporated the process, which is surprisingly simple, into NeuroMastery® and the several NeuroMastery® methods. 

How I create programs

I conduct live workshops, video them, edit those videos and turn them into online programs inside a membership area. Online users can simply follow along and get the same results as people in the room with me. 

Each program includes a rather spectacular (in a quiet way) tool I created called the NeuroRewrite. It takes pen, paper and a few minutes to produce what is usually a startling level of positive change. People have said they would pay for this alone and it's well worth paying for. People have made changes they've tried to make for years with this alone. It works for darn near everyone, it's simple, and it even provides written proof of the before and after, so it's pretty hard to deny what happens.

You can be proud to give this to your people, and that's what you can offer them. 

Affiliates and joint venture partners can give away what I call the Guest Membership in the program of their choice (see below). This gives access to the NeuroRewrite training as a lifetime gift. In each one the focus is on the topic of the program. 

As an affiliate or JV you have a special link that tracks the people you send so you get credit when they buy the whole program. The whole program goes much deeper than the NeuroRewrite in each case. 

How the affiliate program works. 

It's pretty simple. You sign up as an affiliate with either of the links below and you're in for both of them. Once you sign up as an affiliate you get a special link that is tracked by the system.

​Anyone who joins a Guest Membership after clicking your link is tracked. When and if they purchase, you are credited.

After the refund period you get paid 50% of the purchase price within five days after the beginning of the following month, by Paypal.

You can make custom links to track where leads come from (like Facebook ads, your own list, etc.). ​Once you are an affiliate you'll receive a link where you can check your stats at any time. The software I'm using is Clickfunnels and their affiliate program, called Backpack.

You're welcome to sign up for and try the Guest Membership in each program for yourself. I encourage you to do so, in fact. Then you'll know how powerful and easy the NeuroRewrite method is and you can rave about it to your people based on your own experience. 

The fine print: Read the affiliate agreement when you register. Important points: If you purchase the program(s) you will not earn a commission on that sale.

I reserve the right to not accept or to banish affiliates for any reason. That will definitely include any who engage in unethical behavior, that violate the terms of any social media or other site, or that take any action that reflects badly on NeuroMastery®, NeuroMastery LLC, or the programs,  ​

Get Over Relationship Pain Now

This program is directly aimed at getting over the pain of a specific relationship, such as after a divorce or bad breakup. It applies equally well (and has been successfully used for) family and work relationships. Ex-friends, estranged children or anyone else would be good topics as well.

It takes about four hours to accomplish this, due to the advanced neuroscience techniques used, which are built into easy to follow processes. It's nearly "done for you" personal change. ​

Buying the program gives lifetime access so it can be used for everyone in the owner's life who has left a negative impact. Focusing on each person in turn brings down the specific reactions, and doing several tends to reveal patterns that may have been directing the person's life.

Lifetime ownership means the person can use it for future relationships, breakups and other negative interactions as well. Parts of the program (such as the NeuroRewrite) help with difficulties as they arise relationship, keeping down or taking down the buildup of emotional residues I call "relationship plaque." 

Finally, the owner has permission to allow a partner, present or future, to use the program. This allows both to be on the same page about how charged emotions work, how they can be dealt with, and lets both drop emotional baggage that could otherwise hamper or kill the relationship. 

The price of the course is $297, which is a great deal in comparison to years of pain and limiting one's relationships, or in comparison to the costs of other ways of dealing with a broken heart. Affiliates get 50%. 

Click here to get your own Guest Membership​

Click here to join the Get Over Relationship Pain Now affiliate program

Fearless Communicator is for any speaker, presenter, teacher, performer, salesperson, dancer, singer, musician, or even athlete or engaged citizen. It is for anyone who communicates in professional or public settings who has any degree of self-consciousness or stage fright that interferes with their ability to perform at their best. The interactions can be one-to-one or involve large audiences. If someone has a reluctance to be seen or heard, self-criticism or any such block, this program and the tools it teaches can dissolve them. 

Anyone can gain a lot from going through the program once but it is really designed as a toolkit, with advice along the way for many ways to use the tools. The best results will come from using them consistently. The methods apply to reworking past bad experiences so their inhibiting effects are erased and replaced with neural pathways primed for successful interactions.

The methods also apply to preparing for upcoming experiences, and even include ways to stay cool in the present moment. ​

The program does not teach how to speak, sell or perform. That must be learned elsewhere, but this program will allow whatever has been learned to be used to its maximum value. ​

The price of the course is $497. For any professional it will be well worthwhile. One promotion, one sale, one successful presentation or speech will take care of the cost, not to mention the benefit of lower stress and greater confidence in virtually any situation. Affiliates get 50%.​

Click here to join the Fearless Communicator affiliate program ​

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