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Daimon Sweeney

    Being able to tap with the wisdom and clarity that Daimon brings far exceeds the investment of time and expense to take the class. It's so rich!   -  Joanna Free

4th Sunday Monthly Workshops:
The Basics of NeuroMastery®

1:00 - 5:00 pm at the Center for Spiritual Living, 2224 Yew St. Road, Bellingham, WA
(Across from the radio towers)

NeuroMastery® is a powerful set of ideas and tools you can use to free yourself from inner obstacles, reactivity, and unwanted patterns. Several of the methods are simple and can be learned for self-use in one afternoon. 

That is the focus of this workshop. You'll learn what you need to know to use these tools, you'll learn the tools, practice them on your own topics, and see the lasting results. This can be as confidential as you choose.  

Making these changes is surprisingly easy. NeuroMastery® opens up new possibilities for rapid, lasting change, based on the neuroscience called memory reconsolidation. It's a big phrase but it refers to the fact that neural networks, which embody our fears, limiting ideas, reaction patterns and memories, as well as everything else we know, believe, feel and so on, can change rather easily when you know how.  

The Steps of Memory Reconsolidation
This is my way of explaining the process. 



Trigger the neural network  you want to change. Just think of something that triggers the reaction: a person, a situation, a bodily feeling, nearly anything. 



Interrupt your brain's expectations. Your brain automates everything it can. When automatic expected patterns don't work the neural networks open up to new learning and modification. 



Introduce new learning that is relevant and resonant with the activated reaction pattern. Intellectual content is not enough, which is why understanding one's reactions does not change them. NeuroMastery® uses the scientifically proven calming effect of acupressure (tapping) to introduce calm to the body/mind while at the same time triggering the original reaction. The body/mind cannot be both activated and calm at the same time, so it chooses calm, moving toward integration and well-being as the alarm state is neutralized. 



Review the old and new states  My understanding is that this causes the newly reconfigured neural network to fire repeatedly, wiring it together more firmly, establishing  priority over the old pattern.

As the charge comes off of existing patterns the typical experience is that unwanted feelings, limiting thinking patterns, reactivity, even point of view and bodily sensations of heaviness or pain can disappear. These changes are usually lasting.

Depending on the workshop, tuition is $35 or $45, and $25 or $35 each if you bring a friend.

How to Work with Daimon 

Private Sessions
If you would like to work individually I offer sessions at my office in Bellingham, Washington, and worldwide via the internet, which works very well. Contact me if you'd like to chat or schedule an appointment.

Join Our Meet-up
Several local practitioners and I have created the "Bellingham EFT/Meridian Tapping Meetup for Getting Over Your Stuff." We have Meetups on the third Wednesday evening every month to provide an easy way for people to discover these amazing methods, as well as do some real work. To participate or learn more, log in or make a free account at and search for the group using the name above. Join the group and you'll see upcoming events. We're just getting started and the schedule will grow. 

Ongoing NeuroMastery® Groups
This workshop uses the NeuroMastery® approach to personal change. I facilitate ongoing small groups using this approach, focused on continually expanding the ability to live fully.  Please inquire if interested.​

Past Workshops

1-Day Relationship Upgrade

  • Is stress or tension a problem in an important relationship?
  • Are there repetitive arguments or issues? Limits? Frustrations?
  • Undo your scripted, automatic responses that help maintain these patterns.
  • Find clarity, insight and better ways to be together.
  • Positive change is immediate.
  • Only one person from a relationship need participate.
  • Can be any relationship.

Drop the emotional charge on feelings and patterns you don't want, in an elegant, simple, lasting way.

Stop responding to triggers the same way (or at all), and stop giving them out to the other person. Not because you're trying and remembering to do or not do something but because the patterns are gone.

Dropping these layers opens up new possibilities, and may reframe your whole relationship.

Dealing with Challenges

The normal response is stress. Stress is an elevated physical, emotional and mental response to perceived danger. 

Stress is great for physical emergencies. Your body revs up to run like hell, do battle with a carnivore or even do "impossible" things, like lift a car off a trapped kid. In those situations it's perfect. The emergency will be over soon, one way or another. Then things can return to normal (or you're dead so it doesn't matter). 

But when your body tries to deal in the same way with a difficult, ongoing relationship or work situation, for instance, staying in that ramped up state turns harmful. 

Fight or flight shuts down your brain

In fight or flight the blood literally leaves the front part of your brain and goes to your muscles for action. That leaves the part of your brain that runs higher thinking, creativity, memory and so on in a diminished state. It becomes hard to think, remember, or do unfamiliar things. 

Ongoing stress can lead to being stuck in mental/emotional loops with no apparent way out. Have you ever gone in circles in your head about a situation? Did you always coming back to feeling stuck, helpless, angry, frustrated or afraid? If you're there now, would you like to get out of it? 

Fight or flight shuts down essential body systems​

Stress also shuts down non-essential physical systems. Your digestion, immune system, reproductive system (meaning sex), and repair systems go on hold. Shutting them down briefly does no harm and frees the energy they usually consume for running or fighting.   

But what if the stress becomes long term? What if it even becomes "normal?" That means these essential systems stay on hold or run at a reduced level for a long time. "Reduced level" is another way to say "impaired." 

Here we see how stress can contribute to so many physical problems, including chronic pain. 

The truth is, your stress response is ancient wiring that often doesn't work very well these days.

Ongoing stress can be exhausting, dragging down your ability to enjoy life.

Ongoing stress doesn't even solve the problems we have now, which are mostly not physical dangers.

The shut down mental and emotional states stress produces can cause damage in relationships and other areas of life. 

So we know ongoing stress, or low-level fight or flight reactions in everyday life, are not good. ​

Is there anything you can do about it?

Fortunately, yes. Using recent neuroscience discoveries, the ancient wiring of your stress response can be updated. You can dial down misplaced emergency responses and reclaim that energy, while also freeing your mind and releasing yourself from anger or paralysis, upset or overwhelm.

Taking down your stress response often brings new insights, ideas and ways forward. It's as if you took off blinders and dropped some weights. You become free act in creative, more powerful ways. 

The 3 Keys: ​What you'll learn and do

In this workshop you'll learn and use extraordinary, yet simple, methods to rewire your stress patterns, letting you move toward your natural state of well-being. These methods take only a few minutes once you know what's happening. That's where the three keys come in. 

Key #1: Understanding how your system works. You'll learn how stress patterns form, why they're normally hard to change, and how they get triggered, maybe all day long. 

Key #2: Understanding recent breakthrough discoveries in neuroscience and what they mean for you. Specific neural networks embody specific reaction patterns, and they can be rewired, rapidly, easily and permanently. Knowing how that happens is the key. 

Key #3: Putting that understanding to work in your life. When you understand how it works we can use the NeuroRewrite™ Process and other NeuroMastery® tools to change your stress wiring. These tools build the science into a simple method that almost magically removes the stress. You'll focus on one or more specific situations in your own life and feel the change. You'll feel relief, insights, a new sense of possibility and renewed energy.

Does it work? 

Here are some comments from people who have taken one of these workshops. 

I came here to dump stress, and moved right into peace and self-acceptance. I am at rest. Thank you Daimon. I'll be back. JM

Thank you Daimon! What an amazing workshop. As amazing as the human brain and its capacity for change! I learned step by step how to dissolve old stuck emotional stresses and reshape them into living, positive feelings. A tool I will use again and again. KM

Daimon - The entire process has done so much for me - too much for words. But if I had to choose one word it would be freedom. Thank you. B

It's your decision

If you've read this far you probably have a challenging situation in your life right now. You're also probably going to have challenging situations for the rest of your life. That's how life works, isn't it? 

 - Would you like a powerful, rapid way to take ongoing stress out of your system?
 - Would you like clarity on demand?
 - Would you like to relax at night and sleep well?
 - Would you like full access to your creativity, intelligence, insight and energy to deal with your life? 

That's what you can have. ​Register below, or come on Sunday and pay at the door. 

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