The New Meditation: Felt Sense and Quiet Mind 

Workshop/Training Feb. 26, 2017. Details below. 

I first found this meditation by necessity. I was sitting toward the front in a group meditation and my brain was out of control. Thoughts bounced everywhere and I could do nothing. At home I would have given up but I was too embarrassed to stand up and leave. I wondered, "What can I do?" and thought of using tapping. I'd learned about tapping meridian points and was trying it on everything.

With practice, tapping can be done with intention, not using any physical motion, 

so that's what I did. I was amazed that within moments my mind went to a deep level of calm and quiet I had not experienced before.

I did nothing with that for years, but remembered the experience. Several months ago I started exploring what happened, now that I have more understanding of the neuroscience that was involved. 

I've found that by using meridian points near the fingertips, which is rather meditative in itself, almost everyone can do a similar meditation or practice and find greater calm in as little as three minutes. Of course that's only the beginning of what's possible and it can go much deeper. Even without going deeper a few minutes at any time is usually enough to bring more calm. 

There are more focused ways to use the meditation as well. By focusing in a certain way on an unwanted feeling (an afflictive emotion, in Buddhist terms) and being present with it in this meditation, the feeling lessens or disappears.

This has helped me personally with feelings that have been there for decades, such as a depression that had become habitual, not active but still a layer of oppression. Any statement that brings up a "negative" feeling can be used as a focus to do something similar. In this workshop I'll show you how to do all these things. You'll get results because this doesn't take long to have an effect. If it does nothing for you, ask for a refund and I'll give your money back. I only want satisfied participants. 

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Location: Center for Spiritual Living, 2224 Yew St. Road, Bellingham, WA, 98229

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