Evolve: How to Maximize Your Consciousness Resources

In brief: With the right methods you can focus (or invest) your attention in ways that free up consciousness resources that are not serving you well.

Then you can reinvest those freed-up resources to continue freeing up more resources, thus creating an upward evolutionary spiral of increasing inner freedom. Read on to learn how it works.

The workshop: January 22, 2017
At the Center for Spiritual Living

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I once read that Baron von Rothschild (among the world’s richest bankers at the time) said that compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. The quote has also been attributed to Benjamin Franklin, Bernard Baruch, and Albert Einstein. Apparently there is no evidence that any of them said it.

Despite the uncertain attribution, the concept is incredibly powerful. What’s also remarkable is that you can get compound growth in consciousness. If you figure out how to do that, and choose to do it, then your possibilities for inner freedom become essentially unlimited. I'm about to tell you how to do it. 

How does compound interest on consciousness work? We all have consciousness “resources” invested in programmed reactivity.

By consciousness resources I mean time, energy and attention. By investing in developing patterns of how we use our time, energy and attention we help ensure our resources are used for those things. 

For most of us a significant amount of our consciousness resources are invested in ways that just maintain a status quo. The status quo is not necessarily bad unless it is tying up our “consciousness capital” without giving us what we want. Some of those investments are actually damaging. Those can include patterns of bad relationships, self-limiting beliefs, repetitive emotional reactions and patterns, bad habits and so on.

The damage comes from physical and emotional stress, which shortens your life and makes you more vulnerable to illness. It includes daily direct experience of inner tension, fear, self-criticism and so on, and from opportunity cost, where you could have made a better choice except your patterns were in the way.

Fortunately, you also have consciousness resources that are uncommitted. Those resources are like available investment capital. The way you invest it is by putting your attention on something.

Sometimes it’s said that you get more of what you pay attention to. You’re using that available consciousness to read this right now. I’ll try to make it a worthwhile investment.

How can compound interest on consciousness build your personal freedom? In other words, how can you use your attention to reclaim existing but less than optimal investments of your consciousness resources? And then how can you reinvest what you reclaim in ways that consistently make your life better?

Here's the Basic Strategy

Use your available consciousness to free yourself from some piece of programmed reactivity, which means some investment of your consciousness resources that is not serving you. That’s like getting out of a bad investment but better, because you get your investment back.

When you do that, the resources previously invested in that suboptimal reactivity is now yours to use as you want. This gives you more consciousness resources to invest.

If you want to you can reinvest it in a useful way. Imagine you reinvest the consciousness resources you reclaim into reclaiming still more of your consciousness resources, and that you simply repeat that cycle endlessly.

You’d be earning compound interest on your investment in consciousness. I’m calling this your Evolutionary Spiral. The more you put in the more you get out, which gives you still more to put in, and off you go. 

You get two benefits at the same time. Your unproductive or damaging old patterns fall away and you open up to potentials that were not possible while you were stuck in those old patterns. This really works, by the way.

There are two requirements

One requirement is the decision to do it. Nobody gets financially rich from compound interest by accident. It is a deliberate and dynamic strategy that has to be chosen and maintained. That’s what I mean by the decision to do it. It is a continuous decision to divest from the old and to reinvest in the best way available.

The other requirement is a good method. You have to be able to identify bad investments and be able to consistently, rapidly and easily reclaim the energy invested in them.

People getting rich from compound interest are always looking for the best investment of their available capital. They ask, “What will give me the highest return on my investment?”

If you’re interested in maximizing your inner freedom you should be asking a similar question: What will bring you the greatest amount of freedom the fastest, and in the most reliable way, so it can be reinvested for even more freedom?

That’s been my question for decades now, though I would not have phrased it that way until recently.

I started on this project of creating more inner freedom in my teens because the consciousness investments I had made on autopilot, following family patterns or reacting against them, or following patterns I created around trauma, were causing me a lot of pain. I realized I needed to rebalance my consciousness investment portfolio. I would definitely not have stated it that way but that’s what it amounted to.

By staying focused on that goal over many years, however it was phrased, I was fortunate enough to make good choices over time. My investment skills and the results on my work have accumulated to the point that I now have total confidence in my ability to keep growing my inner freedom as long as I choose and to greater and greater levels.

Nearly every day I see concrete proof that this is working. So many of my limiting patterns have fallen away that I can't count them. I had a lot to start with, and there are still more, but they continue leaving. Interestingly, they get deeper and more powerful. Most of the littler ones are gone.

On my journey I’ve explored many possibilities. Often they work to some degree, while others look promising but don’t pan out. I've done a lot of sifting, testing and experimenting.

Patterns Emerge

If you do anything long enough, and if you really care, you start seeing patterns. You develop an instinct, or you tune into intuition or guidance. Whatever you call it, over decades of working with consciousness that happened.

The result is that I’ve created the most powerful personal change method I am aware of. I’ve gone to conferences on the leading edge of change methodology and honestly, what I do is ahead of all that. Others familiar with this work agree.

Now, aside from taking care of my body, nearly my total consciousness investment is in this insight- and science-based method. I call it NeuroMastery®.

Jan. 22, 2017:
NeuroMastery® as a Path of Continual Growth

On January 22 there will be a 3-hour presentation of NeuroMastery®. Here's what will be included:

1) Direct experience: 
By using some of the NeuroMastery® tools you will start getting the sorts of high returns on your skillful use of attention I have been talking about, each time with only a few minutes of focused attention.

2) The science:
NeuroMastery® is based on revolutionary brain science, an unexpected breakthrough that happened only several years ago. You’ll learn the remarkably simple steps of rapid, lasting brain change and how they are incorporated into the whole NeuroMastery® approach and its methods.

3) NeuroMastery® as a path of growth
For the first time publicly, after years of development, I'll present NeuroMastery® as a path of personal growth and evolution. It can take its place next to whatever practices you use now, or it can be a practice in itself as it is for me. This is a way of growing that will reliably give you continuous, high, compounding returns in the form of greater inner freedom and a rising level of consciousness. You'll see the way this path works and the stages that organically unfold as you move along it. 

4) The path:
From observing myself and others over a period of years, there's a predictable path of development from using NeuroMastery®. I’ll lay out that path.

5) Essential tips: 
Also, there are certain attitudes and pieces of information that help tremendously, or are basically essential, for producing continuous high-yield increases in consciousness and inner freedom. You'll learn those as well.

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Pick your issue: You'll be using these methods on an issue of your choosing, meaning you’ll get noticeable changes in minutes each time. That’s high return. Think of something that’s a problem in your life, and imagine it's not a problem any more. We may or may not get there totally, but we will make significant progress, I promise. If not, talk to me and/or get your money back.

For your topic I suggest choosing one of these for demonstration purposes. 
~ A person. Someone you had a bad experience with but not a major trauma or abuse.
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~ A situation that bothers you. ​

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Daimon Sweeney

Daimon Sweeney,
Creator of NeuroMastery®

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