Learn Felt Sense Meditation

Felt Sense Meditation is the first step of Spacious Awareness Meditation.
This is a basic introduction. Scroll down to find out how to learn more.

In this video I share the neuroscience behind this practice, teach how to do it, and take you through two short sessions so you can experience it yourself. Feel free to repeat and extend your own sessions once you learn how. If you do 3 or 4 five-minute segments you are very likely to have good results by that time. I'd love to get your comments below.

Want more? First, we have a Facebook group here. Just ask to join and you'll be admitted. We have live meditation sessions so keep an eye out for announcements of when they will be, or connect any time to follow with one of the recordings.

Second, we have a weekly meditation group in Bellingham. Newcomers are welcome. We meet 6:30 - 8:00 PM on Tuesdays, at 909 Harris, Suite 201C (top of the stairs, hard right, go as far as you can). You'll see my name, Daimon Sweeney, on the door. Please be on time so you don't disturb the meditation. There's a waiting room if you're early. Contributions are appreciated, with $5-10 suggested. Nobody is turned away for financial reasons.

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