Spacious Mind Meditation
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Are you ready for a new understanding of yourself?

Are you ready to take charge of your life at a deeper level than ever before, even if you're very experienced at personal change? 

Would you like powerful, fast-acting tools to remove or reduce fears, stress, triggered reactions, held beliefs and stuck emotions that may have been there for years? 

Have you "failed" at meditation, decided it doesn't work for you, or do you just want more results you can see and feel?

Whatever your level of experience, Spacious Mind Meditation lets you take charge of your life at a deeper level. You'll learn how to update your "emotional operating system" that operates below conscious thought. By accessing that you will release limitations learned early in life, freeing your system to upgrade to what works for you now. 

You'll learn how to literally silence thoughts. You'll be able to think if you want to, but you can also take a vacation from thinking and move into a beautiful, open, spacious awareness. The video below will show you how. This is something many meditation teachers say is impossible but in the video below you will learn it is not even difficult, and takes only minutes. ​

Spacious Mind Meditation is a new synthesis that includes breakthrough discoveries from neuroscience, insights based on evolutionary psychology and the calming effect of gentle meridian point stimulation.

The result is rapid, low-stress change toward wholeness, leaving you calmer and more whole. 

This video is Class 1 of the Foundation Series. After you watch it, if you're interested in much greater depth and understanding, you can get access to the whole training. That includes 11 one-hour classes, a private Facebook group and live, online discussion sessions. You get ongoing access to all this. 

In this class I explain why and how the approach works in a logical way. Then you get to experience two brief kinds of meditation that will produce real change for you in minutes. Once you learn how you can of course do as much as you want. 

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This is only the start. There are many deeper layers and ways to use these discoveries to identify, activate and dissolve limiting patterns that are shaping your life, with or without your knowledge. Gaining increasing freedom from these patterns is what the rest of the training is about. The live discussions and Facebook group are to support you in applying these methods to your own life. 

If that sounds like something you want, you can join the program. Just click the red button.

Everything is recorded and are available any time online, even after the program is complete. 

The one-time price is $77.77. This is steeply discounted as the program is being created right now. Next time around it will be more. This time I will be learning from your reactions, questions and so on, and I will be looking for your testimonials to share with others. To join click the red button below the video. 

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To learn the most, pause the video as you go along and write down what you learn. You'll incorporate it more fully that way. 

In the meditations you can pause the video and extend the meditations as long as you want. 

I'd love to hear your questions, insights and experiences below or in the Facebook group.

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