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The Science Experiment Demonstrating Rapid Mental Rut Formation

Scientists presented expert chess players with a series of similar chess problems. 

Then they presented a new kind of problem and tracked where their eyes were looking. 

The surprise is that their eyes were looking at the parts of the board that were useful for solving the previous problems, not at what they needed to see. 

The kicker is that they all said they were looking at everything. 

They thought they were seeing the whole situation, but they weren't ...

... and their performance was significantly degraded.  

That quickly, ruts developed in their awareness, directing their attention to what was familiar and blinding them to what they needed to solve the problem.

This is the Einstellung Effect. It's impossible to avoid, especially for experts. We all automatically develop these ruts in our awareness and must take action to overcome them. 

The Innovation Accelerator is an effective antidote to the Einstellung Effect. 

Reference: https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0075796

How to Tell if You're Ready for the Innovation Accelerator

If you've been thinking hard about a problem for days or longer, you've accomplished two things. 

1. You've created familiar pathways and generated mental ruts that block your awareness of the most creative possibilities. 

2. Your creative unconscious has detected that this matters to you, and you've given it the information it needs. It's been working on a better solution than your conscious mind could create. 

This is the perfect time for the Innovation Accelerator. 

Your mind is primed for a breakthrough. 

What Happens in the Main Innovation Accelerator Session? 

The process is partly on paper. You get written documentation of the transformation. 

It's all step-by-step simple. I personally take you through every step. 

We're using the neuroscience of rapid change, as I call it, or memory reconsolidation, to be formal. I explain this as we go along. 

This is the brain’s own way of updating itself. In this case, we’re using it to remove obstacles to connecting with your creative unconscious. 

The Innovation Accelerator is an extraordinarily easy and effective way to rewire these obstacles out of your brain. 

At the end your insight or solution appears, and it's always surprising. 

You might be thinking "meditation" but it's not meditation. It's mostly active, and way easier, more reliable, and more targeted than meditation. 

Anyone can do this successfully the first time.

Are You In? 

You can wait for lightning to strike, or if you want that solution now you can use the Innovation Accelerator. 

If not solving the problem on your mind is 

  • Costing you money or peace of mind
  • Allowing opportunities to slip away (opportunity cost)
  • Distracting from important or essential work
  • Taking up too much of your time and attention
  • Spinning out into more problems and complexity as time goes on

Then the sooner you resolve it, the better. Just sayin'. 

The Investment

The investment is only $199. 

If you have a problem where having a good solution would be worth $2,000 or more (with no upper limit), so you get at least a 10x return, this should be a no-brainer, especially with the Absolute Guarantee. 

The Absolute Guarantee

You must be thoroughly pleased, delighted, and happy with your results, or your payment will be refunded in full. 

You have seven days to request a refund. You'll know immediately if what you get is a good solution, so this is plenty of time. 

For Business Owners, Executives, and Entrepreneurs

This is to find out if the Innovation Accelerator is a fit for you. 

It's free, there's no obligation, and it's not a sales call. 

Why is the Innovation Accelerator Needed? 

Because the Conscious Mind Becomes Blind to Creative Solutions

Here's the proof: 

Creative Breakthroughs Come From the Unconscious

Creative breakthroughs form in the creative unconscious — but the conscious mind blocks them from awareness, as the Einstellung Effect demonstrates. 

That's why breakthrough insights and ideas appear when the conscious mind is offline - walking, showering, dreaming, and so on. 

This can take any amount of time, or never happen at all.

The Innovation Accelerator brings those insights to the surface right now.

So if "now" is when you want a creative breakthrough, 

the Innovation Accelerator is the way to go. 

Here's How It Feels to Use the Innovation Accelerator

...[W]ithin what felt like only a few moments I was amazed—gobsmacked if you will—to find that my messy challenge had been reduced to an uncomplicated either/or solution. The confusion and ambivalence I started with were gone and I had a whole new, much lighter attitude about the whole thing. The technique is easy to follow, painless and remarkably efficient. I highly recommend it. This stuff works.

J. Stone, PhD

Here's how to proceed. The steps are:

1. Connect (see below)

2. We'll have a free brief online chat to determine fit

3. If yes, we'll do the main Innovation Accelerator session


1. Fill out the form below. 

I read each one personally. Please fill it out completely.

2. Free 20-Minute Chat

  • After reading your application, I'll be in touch to set up a short (free) conversation.
  • This is not a sales call. Because of my absolute guarantee that you'll get results you're delighted with, I want to be sure I can provide those results, so I'm selective about clients. 
  • This is a time for you to ask any questions. 
  • If we're both on board, we'll clarify your issue. That way we can address it in a useful way with no delay on the main call. 
  • Sometimes identifying the issue lets it evolve, so that can be useful as well. 

3. Main Innovation Accelerator Session

If it's a yes from both of us, we'll set up a 90-minute session on Zoom to address your problem or situation. You'll have your solution documented on paper in your own handwriting. 

The Innovation Accelerator Frees Your Creative Mind

Using a new understanding of how the brain works, this process clears away mental/emotional clutter. That frees you to become aware of creative solutions your unconscious probably has waiting for you.  

When these obstructions are cleared away, your insight or innovative solution simply appears. It's a very reliable, repeatable process that works because it is in alignment with the brain's own methods. 

The process takes about an hour. 

The 90-minute sessions include time to discuss implementation. 

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