Daimon Sweeney

Creator of NeuroMastery®

Are You Ready to Have a Quiet Mind? 

Silence your critical voice with the Quiet Mind Workshop 

Find an inner calm you may never have experienced

You'll neutralize your critical voice in this workshop, or dramatically reduce it and discover that you're in charge. 

Immediate, lasting results are guaranteed.


  • Become aware of the critical voice and document it in your workbook
  • Understand it’s a learned activity embodied in a neural network
  • Change that neural network using methods based on the neuroscience of how the brain changes itself.  

Does having a critical voice matter? 

Probably more than you think. One person said: 

"I had no idea it dominated every thought and breath I took.

How soon will I see results? You'll start seeing results long before the workshop is over.   

How long is the workshop? It's 4 1/2 hours, including a half-hour break. That's all the change most people can handle at one time. The 90-minute follow-up session completes the process one week later on the same day & time. 

Do I have ongoing access to the workshop? Assuming the technology works, you'll have ongoing access to the recording of your workshop. You can repeat or review it any time you want. Repeating it will take your results even further because you'll be starting from a deeper place. 

Do I have to do "maintenance" work afterward? The changes are lasting, so the answer is no. But we may not get to every nuance of your critical voice. Work afterward is about optimizing. It includes noticing any remaining negative self-talk and using the methods you'll learn to silence it. Or you can repeat the workshop on video to be thorough about it. 

Is this live or recorded? This is a live, small group experience on Zoom.  

Who is the facilitator? Daimon Sweeney is the facilitator. He's the creator of this workshop and of most of the methods it uses.

Is there a workbook? Yes. By the end of the workshop, it will be filled with written documentation of your transformation. 

How is the time used? This is a structured, on-point experience. It's designed to produce the maximum change in the minimum time. It's not a free-form discussion. 

What about confidentiality? You can share your results as we go along if you want, which makes it more interesting and fun, but you can also keep them to yourself. Everyone agrees to keep personal information confidential. No sharing is required. 

What does it feel like? It's all about you, so of course it's engaging, right? Kidding aside, it's one discovery after another, one transformation after another, each one bringing more freedom. Nobody gets bored. It's actually almost fun. A student with ADHD said she couldn't normally do a 4-hour workshop, but this one had her engaged the whole time.

The Quiet Mind Workshop is $297, 

one time, for lifetime changes

Payment options: 

  • Full Pay Bonus: Bring one other person 

         at no additional cost. Will it be a friend? Your partner? 

  • Or make two payments of $149. 
  • With either option, you get ongoing access to the recording of the workshop (assuming the tech works). Do it later, do it again, or review specific methods to use by themselves. 

The Absolute Guarantee

It's very simple. You must be completely pleased with your results. 

If not, let us know within two weeks and you'll get a full refund. 

Your results are instant, so you'll know as we proceed if it's working for you.

Then take days to see if the improvements last.

This does not apply to not showing up. 

Your enrollment can be transferred to a future workshop in this case. 

Choose Your Workshop Date Below

Remember, it's 100% guaranteed to work, and it does.

Bring a friend for free with full payment!

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9:00 to 1:30 Pacific time (12:00 to 4:30 Eastern time)

Some Details

The workshop is 9:00 to 1:30, Pacific time,with a 90-minute follow-up session a week later. 

in your workbook, you’ll have a before and after assessment to document how much you’ve changed.

You’ll start seeing results long before the workshop ends, and the changes are lasting. Previous workshop participants have changed in dramatic ways. 

What kind of results can you get?

"The need to be critical - I don't have that now. I'm very, very glad that I took this class. Thank you very much. It was a great experience."    

"I wanted to cry because I felt better." Fawn Miller (from the video below) 

Who Am I? 

I'm Daimon Sweeney, the creator of NeuroMastery® and of the methods used in the Quiet Mind workshop.

 As a result of a lot of early trauma, I realized in my teens that I had to change myself at a deep level. My journey began, leading through much meditation and many methods of personal change. 

After four decades of serious work, one day I realized my quest had failed. Things were better, but the deep problems were still there. 

I saw that nothing I was doing went deep enough. I had nowhere else to go, and I gave up. There was a moment of complete inner silence. 

Then a new question appeared, and from there it was as if a door opened into a new landscape. I started understanding how people work in a whole new way. 

Insights started coming. Evolutionary psychology and breakthrough neuroscience are part of the story. 

I started creating new methods that worked at the deep levels I'd been seeking. 

For more than a decade now I've created, tested, and refined powerful, simple methods that work for anyone. 

The result? Negative patterns, such as the critical voice, can now be systematically transformed into calm clarity. It's surprisingly easy and straightforward. 

If you'd like to silence your own critical voice, this workshop is for you. 

Here's the chat from near the end of a recent workshop.

 Imagine yourself saying such things.

It seems my critical voice has turned into a cheerleader.

Calm is my state of mind, critical voice is quiet

Champion for me also instead of a negative groupie

I'm ok the way I am & looking forward - I'm feeling very calm

Yes, my critical voice is like a distant whisper. and much less to say

Feeling calmer and voice has become positive

I feel more centered.

I feel so relaxed

Yes, very relaxed and feeling contented


Don't wait any longer to free yourself from that inner critic. 

You don't need it, and now you can get rid of it. 

Click Here for the April 22 Quiet Mind Workshop

9:00 to 1:30 Pacific time (12:00 to 4:30 Eastern time)